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ByeleX is not a new company. We have been in business since 1994 and have proven to be a trustworthy, highly-skilled partner for many clients at home and abroad. We have developed important and solid high-tech products and solutions both on our own initiative and in collaboration with clients. ByeleX not only promises success; with an almost unlimited access to the R&D facilities at the BSU (Belarus State University) we have proven our skills for more than two decades in the area of:

  • Location awareness, mobile and cloud technology
  • Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition
  • Cryptography & Blockchain
Mission:“ByeleX helps to increase the innovative strength of organizations by using pioneering technologies, scientifically validated insights and proven cases.”

We are entering an era in which cooperation is central. We believe in investing in the Next Innovation Company for a number of reasons:

  • Participation
    ByeleX believes in the participation model. Technology must fit in with the needs and wishes of today and tomorrow. Since nobody can keep track of everything, collaboration is the only smart solution. We would like to play an important role in the subscription economy with the combination of smart technology and market vision.
  • Launching successful products
    An important commercial spearhead is that ByeleX will continue to launch white-labeled and commercial products and services which are in line with the above. So, forget the old-fashioned way of purchasing ‘one size fits all’ software packages and team up with a company that does R&D with you and for you, tailored to your needs and your environment.